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I'm Gonna Fly. New Single Now Available



Never Lose Heart. That is the message of Laura-Lee’s music. Whether in a beat-driven anthem or devotional worship, Laura-Lee’s music is full of hope, drive and an authentic look at a journey of overcoming odds.                    

Laura-Lee’s journey began at her local church in Brampton, ON. At the age of 12, she began playing the piano and singing at her church youth group, eventually taking the reigns as the worship leader at age 15. This platform helped to draw the attention of other artists and musicians, eventually leading to various other professional opportunities and accolades.                

At age 17, Laura-Lee had the pleasure of collaborating on an award-winning album with singer-songwriter, Sean Spicer. She was recognized as the Up & Coming Female Vocalist at the 2008 Maja Awards in Toronto, and was a featured on New York’s Christian Television Broadcast, as well as several other television and radio interviews throughout the US, Canada, and South Africa.                

Through the time spent cultivating her heart in secret, new songs, new purpose and new resolve have taken root in Laura-Lee’s music. In a career and a field marked by hardships, struggles and let-down’s - Laura-Lee’s goal is to proclaim a message of hope, even in the midst of pain and trial. Her songs proclaim a message of hope, inviting people to believe and find joy in the journey even when it seems impossible.                   

“When I look back at my journey so far, I look back and see a path of unexpected twists and turns, it’s a story full of disappointments and triumphs, trials and joy, blessings in disguise, and bittersweet melodies. Through the storms and waves of life, there’s been only one steadfast anchor: God’s faithfulness to me.”              

Her debut single, “I’m Gonna to Fly” was produced by and written with Jared Logan (works include: Fall out boy, Misty Edwards, Jaye Thomas, Cory Asbury & Laura Hackett) and Aswan North of Paper Tongues. The song is a true reflection of Laura-Lee’s journey and the message that she has to share.