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Update: Day 1-4

First, I would like to thank everyone for their support and words of encouragement for this 100 day challenge. I am especially touched that some of you are joining me on this journey! I feel privileged that you not only READ my blog, but were inspired by it. I am grateful for you! WELL, let's just say this challenge has not been as easy as I thought. When I first decided to do this, I had no doubt that by the first day, I would be a changed women. It has DEFINITELY not been that easy. I forgot that I am not just doing tasks, I am changing my habits, the way I think, and act, my decisions....not just what I do.

I am going to go through my day 1-4, and at the bottom, add some things and maybe give some more insight.

My day 1 went awesome. To be honest, I woke up and completely forgot about it! Thankfully, I was soon reminded while reaching for a Diet Coke at lunch and Aimee-Lee so quickly reminded me with a screaming "NOOO". I then remembered it was the day of my challenge. The rest of the day went great, it was a busy day, but I felt a burst of productivity flowing through my brains.....I was momentarily convinced that I was already starting to change.

Day 2 was hard. It was rainy and I had a full blown headache. All I wanted to do was nurse a cold DC and lie in was one of those days. BUT I was grateful that my cravings were distracted by my day filled with wedding appointments.

Now Day 2-4 I actually was on a conference at my church. Hindsight is always 20/20, and if I knew what was happening, I may of waited to start.

To begin with, the morning of the 3rd and 4th day started very early and ended very late. They fed us pizza (there was no salad, so it was pizza or not eat....not eating is NOT an option for me), chicken with rice for dinner. I ate the chicken...but no rice....and NO DIET COKE. I had no pop at all!

Because the days were long, my sleeping schedule wasn't exactly what I wanted. I didn't get any chance to exercise. BUT I did keep up with reading "Boundaries". That has been my saving grace.

Emotionally, these past few days have really been a healing time for me. The Lord has really shown me some areas that I want to work on. It's funny how just acknowledging the areas can bring the start of healing.

Well some things that I might edit are adding some small reading manuals that I got about prayer and such. I am really learning how a good bed time really is the key. I get home around 10pm everyday. I have long and full days. But I head right to bed, read and wake up at 7:30...and I feel great through the day. I actually think my coffee intake has lessened....and that is a MIRACLE in itself.

I wish I had something funny to tell you, but honestly I don't! Imagine that. The only thing I can give you that you could possibly take away is that productivity isn't something that we can just switch on. It's a conscious choice that we have to make and remind ourself. That's what been huge for me. I would WAY rather lie in bed and watch a cute little tv show that will put me to sleep. But instead, I choose to read. I just keep reminding myself to make those choices. And I know, in a little while, they're going to become good habits.

Well! It's 10:30 and I am not sticking to my plan! Goodnight!