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Book Review.....kind of.

I love to read. I kind of love reading everything. History books, motivational books, girly books, books on revival, cook books, biographies....even the label on my shampoo bottle. If it’s got letters....I will probably read it (using discretion of course). Although, if you are or have ever been a student, you would know that if you didn’t force yourself to read something other than a text book, you would never discover the literary world outside of instruction manuals on how to become rich in your career after spending all of your money to read those books in a classroom setting. I know that if I didn’t make an effort, I would probably never read anything except educational requirements, which at my school, wouldn’t be so bad.....but you get what I’m saying.

My point in writing this blog was to give you a great and descriptive list with summaries of all the wonderful books I have read. Books about culture, experience, vivid adventures and biographical accounts of wonderful lives. The only problem is, other than the Bible, in the past 3 months I have only read 2 books.

1.New Testament Survey (which I have yet to actually finish...there is an oatmeal stain keeping a mark on where I last ended off).

2.Myrtle Clover Mystery

I don’t know if my lack of reading has deceived my mind, but I have enjoyed reading New Testament Survey so much (I’m more shocked because I thought it would be full of timelines and dates....but it’s actually awesome). I realized that history played more of a part in the Bible than we realize because the writer of books left out those random wars and what they probably thought was “boring” stuff ;). It was so cool to almost lie a history book on top of a Bible and see the two line up!

Now, the Myrtle Clover Mystery.....I don’t even have a good explanation for that. Except it was free on my kindle and it satisfied my love for “MURDER SHE WROTE” which is my favorite show. I recently finished all 12 seasons, much to my sadness and fiance’s joy, this was the perfect way to continue my love for that type of “whodunit’s”.

Myrtle Clover is octogenarian (which I learned means she is in her 80’s). She lives in a small town where apparently everyone is being murdered. In my head, she looks like my french Grandmother without the french accent (so it not only satisfied my Angela Landsbury type story line, but she became endearing to my heart). This book takes place in Georgia, where her and her neighbor, Miles, solve mysteries before her son, a police officer does. Sounds so simple, but let me tell you, I have spent many of nights staying up hoping Myrtle Clover doesn’t die in the search of the dinner party killer. She always comes close to being attacked by the murderer, but always make it out on top.

SO...that is my glamorous literature.

I am hoping to move on to something a little more.....challenging? Like C.S. Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, know. But who am I kidding...Myrtle Clover has an entire series.