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I'm Gonna Fly. New Single Now Available


Hey Everyone! Thank you for all of your support over the past year and a bit. If it wasn't for the prayers of the people near and far, I wouldn't of been able to take the step to release this EP.

Yes, it's only THREE songs! Everyone asks me..."well, why not more?!". I don't have the greatest answer, except I just listened to the Lord and only felt that three songs was what I was supposed to do. These songs were the story of my heart, it portrayed the journey that I was on until now. The title "Still Reaching" and the songs on the EP are about the up's and down's, the different seasons the Lord has brought me through, but learning to still reach for The Lord because He is still good, He is still faithful, and He is still in control.

The proceeds of this EP will go towards my next CD, which yes will be full length! :)

Thank you again for your love and support and constant prayers.