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Catch me up in your story

Lately, I have been on this journey of figuring out exactly where I, not just am going to be, but where I WANT to be in the next couple of years. The phrase "catch me up in your story, all my life for your glory" is the summary of what has ended my "worried journey". If you are in the same boat, take comfort in knowing we are intrinsically connected to the author of the story. If our goal is to live our life for His glory and trusting that He is still writing our story - we're going have a great life. There may be bumps and turns. Sometimes we will go through dark forests, sometimes stand on top of mountains, but we won't have to worry if we are going the "right" way. He'll show us, He always does....isn't He the one holding the map? (I remind myself this everyday.......constantly). Truth: Our first and foremost calling is to love Christ (Mark 12:30). If He loves us and we love Him, then we have already attained the GREATEST success in this life. Everything else is just an added bonus.